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I feel secure knowing that I can remain anonymous even when contacting others.
I can't imagine why someone wouldn't take advantage of a free service like this.

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lind travel shopping
aele5 Communications professional: writing (articles, press releases, poems or stories for special occasions), editing, event organizing, project management, English lessons, writing workshops, content creator, publicizing book/event/product, CVs and cover letters; travel writing and brochures, social media, Italian/French/English conversation translation into French, publishing opportunities, wine, snow removal, home improvements (painting, carpentry), house cleaning, hotel stays, restaurants, car rental, movies
mansyij travel negotiation
deep Technology, education, travel, social entrepreneurship. Web technologies, app development
licensedmassage I am a licensed massage therapist and have a great skill set including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, and Trigger Point Therapy. I have my own professional table and usually travel from client to client. I have a 2004 Honda Cr-V that is having transmission problems. I need my car for my worm and have a few bills that's keeping me from getting immediate work done on the car. If I could have someone inspect the car and help me fix it, I would be happy to fix your back problems in return.
joe retirement planning financial planning adventure travel itineraries (ski / kayak / mt bike) Roof rack configuration sprinter van conversion
organicglobe Japanese conversation and writing. Chinese mandarin writing and conversation. Health consultant, organic sustainable living, budget travel consultant, life consultant overall writing a blog, creating website for future business, English conversation (advanced), public speaking, interior design
baleman I am a freelance writer and specialize in writing website content, blogging, emails and newsletters. I also travel extensively and can assist with travel planning.

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