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In the end, I saved the $600 on a new PC that I found out I didn't need.
I found a Spanish conversational partner.

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cullentoons Portraiture,Cartoonist,Caricaturist,Logo Designer,Pen & Ink Illustrator, Poster designer,Signwriter,Songwriter,Tractor-Trailer Driver,truck driver, Computer,graphic tablet,Cintique 24,Video Camera 43x,Freestar Ford Van 2007, 1950-59 automobile, 2000-2008 Freighliner truck,Mack Dump truck 2005-08,Texas cowboy felt Stetson hat black,
ruthiem My daughter and i are professional singers, songwriters, sound engineers,and my daughter is a vocal coach, who teaches via skype. She is internationally recognised as a tribute artist, and is booked to perform in Las Vegas this year. Pure class! We have full PA, press and media reviews, and the capacity to entertain up to 250 guests. See Jass Meagher on fb We have a touring motorhome which requires some habitation work, and a wood-stove installed.

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