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I got advice on a car problem that saved me $400 on a quote.
...the funniest part was that I ended up hiring the person whom I bartered with.

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nolelytha I am a friendly easy going person who has the spanish as a native tongue, so I am a spanish speaker. Also I am a Nurse. I move to US one year a go, I love to teach Spanish I have a lot of educative material in spanish books, magazines, and music,nad we can make the experience to learn not so boring. . I really need learn spoken english, not necesarily english grammar, but I need to talk better in oder to pass an english speaking test. Also I need to learn about the DMV rules and driving sessions to pas my DMV test
debursche Just a normal software engineer here and damnly .Well I dunno what in specific I can tell abt my skill set but I can teach you computer science or math.Or may be Physics or Chemistry upto a basic level.. Iam damnly interested in learning new languages like Japanese or Chinese or French;).I would also like to meet activty partners with no age limit for hanging out and for fun filled activities
bowenman Body Restoration - Using Bowenwork(neurological resetting of muscle tension) and Postural exercises to teach you how to eliminate your pain. . charity work, will go to groups that help others and give complimentary sessions to those volunteers or groups with chronic pain issues. Will trade for someone to professionally install wood floors in my home
juliana graphic design (print) massage (swedish, and a bit of other stuff) Spanish (not fluent, but can have a convo.) Mandarin (just a beginner - can teach what I know, which isn't much) ASL (can teach fingerspelling and some signs) Painting / Composition in art Basics about Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbs (in my first year of school) juggling 3 balls! some good stretches lots of self-help, psychological stuff, meditation and focusing Nutrition Basic computer skills as well as design skills Excel I'd love to learn more about Emotional Freedom Technique, and ways to stay centered in the midst of strong emotions. I love kids and babies and am interested in learning how to be a nanny part-time, especially for infants. Mid-wifery intruiges me, as well as cranio-sacral therapy for babies and adults. Anyone proficient in Qigong or Yoga who'd like to trade would be wonderful. Also - I'd like to learn deep tissue / trigger point massage technique in full, I know just a bit now. Also, if any
nemo630 teach martial arts, tai chi, some massage, photography, computer problems, video editing, photoshop. massage, yoga, I also like to learn mandarin
iana I am bilingual: my first language is Polish. Would be happy to teach anyone able to handle the challenge. My major is literature, I am a good essay writer, I would be happy to assist anyone with their schoolwork on any level. . I would love to learn Spanish, I used to post an ad on Craigslist about Polish-Spanish language exchange.
js817 I am a certified teacher in the states of Idaho and Colorado. My professional background as a reading specialist and years as a teacher in public education makes me confident to teach students of all ages to read. I am fluent in Spanish and French and am learning Mandarin. I have much experience traveling internationally and grew up in the international school system so can assist with relocation needs. I play the piano and am certified to teach.. I am looking for someone to help guide the start up process for my own local business particularly with respect to marketing. Also looking for someone to converse with in Spanish. Will trade skills for massage too!
daysmitty teach tennis. Volunteers to work with an Home Care Agency. We provide care for the elderly in their homes. We can use admin help, help for the elderly, marketing skills, etc.
yle hi every body I can teach you some spanish if you would like, . i want to meet friends and improve my english

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