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In the end, I saved the $600 on a new PC that I found out I didn't need.
We actually enjoyed each others company so much that we ended up dating. :)

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solange Sewing, editing, technical writing, organizing..
betty cooking/baking,gardening,sewing and fashion, handcrafts making.Speak Tagalog[Philippine language]. person who can help me improve my english and looking forward to learn office work like record and book keeping.I am also interested to learn and share different ideas.
azmissmu sewing just about anything (I'm great at costumes!), mending, hemming, embroidery, quilting, cat care, dog care, reptile care, crafting, proofreading, gardening, some homebrewing. Ram care, Pathfinder care, Maytag care,
eristotle AutoCAD, drafting. Paint color selection, color specialist. Dog walker, dog walking. Mid-level crocheting. beginning knitting. swimming, beginning to advanced level; crawl(freestyle), breatstroke, butterfly, backstroke, sidestroke. Photoshop, image manipulation, Photo manipulation. Moving, packing, car packing. Room arangement, Interior decorating, space planning. beading. sewing, seamstress. paper making, crafting. amateur dog groomer. american style cooking, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peanut Beginning guitar lessons, advanced flute lessons, hang-gliding lessons, ocean kayak lessons, re-tiling my bathroom, plaster repair, residential electrical work (prefer licensed), gardening, landscaping, native plant knowledge and selection, swing dancing partner, personal trainer/someone to meet/come to my house and motivate me get off my bum, I'd love to swap recipes with people, pedicures will never be turned down here! House cleaning (lets face it, I hate cleaning house, but love to HAVE a c
topaz246 Expert knitter, crochet, yarn spinning, AutoCAD, photographer, basic sewing, cooking, baking, pet sitter. Soil Scientist and drainfield expert, initial site work for onsite system, drainfield problems & repairs. Someone to tell me what to do with my lawn, cutting down a tree and planting new one. Help with building a deck.
septimus Proper gun handling and cleaning Handgun shooting Rifle shooting (less so) Shotgun shooting Glass Etching Sewing from a pattern Creating a custom pattern and sewing it Basic Leatherworking Loose Wool Felting Filemaker Pro Deltek Costpoint Basic Computer Construction Basic Snowboarding Basic Skiing Basic Metal Working Basic Wood Working Basic Lindy Hop Swing Dancing Racquetball English Grammar Any craft Any form of fine art Any language Any martial art Any sport Any computer programming language Any other thing you can think of
jar2005 Cooking, interior design, embroidery, fine art painting, sewing, knitting, baking, party and event planning, designing built in units for closets and media and books, color palettes, furniture plans, project budgets, lighting plans. Interior photography, carpentry, painting.
ms Organizing, Administrative, Sewing, Cooking, Small home repairs . Upholstery,
karylw64 Sewing, Scrapbooking and I love to make Flyers and Brochures.. I am looking for someone to help organize my apartment before our yard sale on June 8th. Volunteers for the Relay For Life of Hayward on July 26 & 27. I am the Event Chair and need someone to help translate paperwork into spanish.
unc Sewing/Clothing Construction Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point Interior Home Painting Spanish tutor

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