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This is the best kept secret on the internet!
I found a Spanish conversational partner.

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amanda I speak fluent Spanish. Spanish is my native language. I have many years of experience tutoring university students. I can review and proofread essays or pappers in Spanish. Highly desirable: tennis partner so I can practice and improve my tennis. I only took a beginning tennis class in college.-Or conversation with a U.S native with English as a first language so I can reduce and improve my accent.
azmissmu sewing just about anything (I'm great at costumes!), mending, hemming, embroidery, quilting, cat care, dog care, reptile care, crafting, proofreading, gardening, some homebrewing. Ram care, Pathfinder care, Maytag care,
twolf basic computer tweaks, software installation, wireless network setup, proofreading. cleaning. driving, mending, organizing
naomirose writing, editing, book developing, visual art, music, typing, notetaking, research, organizational thinking, jewelry making, cooking, dulcimer and piano playing, singing, songwriting, self-publishing, book production, parenting, spiritual support, listening, coaching, collaborating, website text writing, proofreading, story generation, words and picture integration, portrait drawing marketing and promotion, website design, list building, book sales, virtual assistance, piano lessons, publishing partnering (business part), business skills, CD recording, personal assistant, bookkeeping, upholstery, feng shui, interior decorating, money coaching, book sales help, book promotion
zaverbach transcription personal finance proofreading bicycle tour planning writing/editing tennis instruction massage medical checkups/phlebotomy farm produce (eggs, fruit, veg, onions, sweet potatoes) veterinary (cat) checkups/shots
halima9 Writing (articles, books, promotional literature, catalogs, slogans, etc.); editing; proofreading; teaching creative writing; creativity coaching; listening; note-taking; flower-essence blending; drawing/illustration (by hand); songwriting; dulcimer lessons; singing lessons; teaching singing in harmony; meditation; researching; and if you don't see it listed here, ask, I may be able to provide it. Typesetting; book cover design; help with social media; publicity (for books); promotion; sales; business counsel and wisdom; packaging; administrative help; more to come.
words4you Writing, editing and rewriting articles, website content, blog posts, social media profiles, marketing materials, video scripts, newsletters, resumes and cover letters, ad copy Also ghostwriting, proofreading etc. Personal branding, marketing consulting, personal and writing coaching Auto maintenance and body work, tax consulting, organic and health food, etc.
bhmt Graphic Designer Advertising and Marketing Proofreading copywriting Commercial Printing Handyman who can fix most things Specialize in electronics Storage space Nice automotive repair space for mechanics Transport with F250 and 18 foot vehicle trailer Piano Lessons from my wife who is amazing Cancer Survivor who is available to just talk through your experience Carpenter Plumber Pipe Fitter HVAC guy Insulation expert Drywall expert Cycle, ATV and Auto Mechanic Yard services Architecture/Creative Drafting long distance transport services Financial Planner CPA accountant Graphic Design Software lessons; Web, 3D Design and animation
sharond1 Proofreading, document editing, copywriting, transcription SEO optimization, internet marketing
tiw123 transcription, document editing and proofreading Seo optimization, internet marketing

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