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I feel secure knowing that I can remain anonymous even when contacting others.
I can't believe I used to pay $30 a month for a similar service elsewhere.

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jacky Asian culture cook Chinease food A lot of free time to help people if who needed . I am student 30 yro.I am a friendly guy from China.. know westren culture inporve my English.
foodlove i have over 20 years of culinary training, stetching from coast to coast, ranging from many cuisines and techmiques... french trained (art institute of fort lauderdale) lived and worked (for example) Miami (chef allen's) New Orlans (Commander's Palace) Washington D.C. (The Willard Inter Cotinental Hotel) & S.F Bay area (Google plex, Mtn. View)... Can cook- create- cater, even instruct you just about anything with respect to food and cuisine; if i don't know i ask, research, whatever it takes.. in need of: illustration for a chilidren's book ** surfboard shaping, surfing art from photographer or artisits, guitar instruction/ lessons
bgreco arts, crafts, abroad opportunities, business, finance, san francisco, economic development, berkeley, food, short term volunteer opportunties, .
alexvisis cooking Thai food some Chinese food my own recipe food teach Thai Draw Japanese manga style. anything
denali78 Food,Nutrition,Cooking,Diet,Food shopping, Singing,Music,Organization,Research,Dog walking/Hiking,Childcare,Cleaning, Social Skills, Negotiation Skills. French, Spanish, Sewing, Harp, organic gardening,Knitting,Yoga,Canning, Dog walking/Care
kmiokat Massage Therapy, Digital Art, Typing, Sign Language, Food, Dreadlock Maintenance, Kombucha, Vegan Baking... TBA as I think of more tradeable skills I can barter :) I put summaries in here detailing every trade I have to offer, but the site told me I'd entered too many letters. If you have questions about the things I have listed, please feel free to contact me even if we don't have the proximity necessary to trade. I'm always happy to be in touch :) Language tutoring, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Capioera, Cello Lessons, Bike Maintenance I put little summaries in here detailing what exactly I'm looking for, but the site told me I'd entered too many characters. If you have any questions about specific trades I'm looking for, please feel free to contact me. I'm always glad to be in touch :)
tingzhi Piano playing skills. Classical Music theory. Cantonese food cooking. Mandarin and Cantonese. Jazz harmony and theory. Mix media drawing. Software Illustrator.
freebird I am fluent in Spanish and English I cook authentic Mexican food I play a Mexican acoustic instrument called the Jarana (derivative of Spanish Baroque guitar). I would like to improve upon my French and Italian languages. I would like to learn to play the cello. I would like to learn to play the piano I would like to learn how to sew
limitless I am fluent in both English and Spanish I can cook authentic Mexican food French Italian Cello Piano Sewing
mysticpeace Aerial Hoop and Single Point Trapeze Kundilini Dance, Dragon Dance, Tribal Fusion, Shamanic Dance and Singing Poetry writing Art, Gardening, basic Animal Care, Home Care, Cooking, Some wild foods knowledge and mushroom hunting Channeling, Visioning, Energy Alchemy, Empathic Reflection, Ritual Performance Muse, editing with garage band and imovie business development, fundraising, theater production, film production, film directing, camera operating, 3D animation, Sound Engineering, Beat Making, violin, vertical silks, circus skills, acro balance, martial arts, construction, plumbing, electrical, auto repair for my honda, djing, screen writing, editing, publishing, marketing, web design and maintaining, video permaculture, natural buildin

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