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I feel secure knowing that I can remain anonymous even when contacting others.
I got tired of having to repost my barter ad over and over and over on craigslist.

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User Name Areas of expertise Areas of interest
smitchell Adobe Photoshop, Digital Photography, Cooking vegetarian, Fitness, English. Flash, Web design, Tennis, French
jacob kettlebell, clubbell, creating fitness/exercise programs, competitive swimming, advanced physics, basic electronics, astronomy, simple taxes (1040), beginners/intermediate full contact karate, financial independence or early retirement, table tennis, road biking, bicycle commuting, simple bicycle repair, intermediate roller/inline hockey, advanced rollerblade, car-free living, blogging, writing, write, editing, fortran programming (all dialects), LaTeX copyediting, basic HTML, basic UNIX/Lin learning basic machining, lathe/mill work, learning welding, learning advanced first aid, learning bicycle repair, learning small engine repair, learning how to rebuild an engine, learning to shoot, learning archery, learning watch and clock repair, learning basic sailing (keel boats), HAM radio, and if someone knows how to install a PV system in an RV, that would be grand.
verdatel Web Designing Salsa, Bachata, Merengue Dancing Fitness Training University Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Paleo/ Healthy Cooking House Repair Car Repair Programming
logdog Scandinavian full-scribe-to-fit log construction (chinked and chinkless), Appalacian Hewn Log w/half-dovetail, Round-log Post and Beam and French Canadian Piece'en Piece(Post & Sill) Log Constrution. Will barter training services and custom log building services. From Log Sauna's, Cabins, outdoor post & beam shelters, and log homes or specialty commercial architectural components - let's deal! 30 Years experience. Timber Rights to tracts of Eastern White Pine and Red Pine. Land. Vehicles, machinery, shop & wood working equipment,building materials, guns, fishing equipment, snow mobiles,construction equipment, well-drilling services, marketing services, logging equipment, logging services. All items of value as well as combinations of both money items and services. Barter for your tuition to attend our 2,4 and the full 12 week hands-on log building workshops -or to have us build for you!
logdog Teaching traditional skills in building with logs in four old-world styles. 25 years teaching 2,4,and 12 week log building workshops in Scandinavian full-scribe-to-fit, Appalacian Hewn Dovetail and Round-log Post & Beam. Barter for Training services or custom log construction services. There is much I can do for you - what do you have in mind? Some ideas would be Standing Timber Rights for Eastern White Pine, Logging services, Excavation services and more.
tas fitness sewing, machine
booms Computer Skills - Intermediate to Advanced - Hardware, Software, Builds, Troubleshooting, Servers, Laptops, Desktops, Automotive Repair - Beginner to Intermediate (No electrical or body), Writing - Advanced, Pickup (Art of Attraction) - Intermediate, Fitness and Health - Intermediate, Internet Sales (eBay) - Intermediate Wilderness Survival - Mastery, Gun Training (Shooting, cleaning, tactics) - Mastery, Computer Networking - Mastery, Electrician - Advanced, Construction - Advanced, Economics - Advanced, Law - Mastery, Sailing - Mastery, Hand to Hand Combat (Boxing, Grappling, Martial Arts) - Mastery, Practical Psychology - Mastery, History (American, Global, Ancient, Mystical) - Advanced, Dance - Advanced
audrey Chair masseur, Chinese Wudang Fitness Weaving, playing Cello, learning Dutch,
user1745003 Personal fitness trainer in various types of workout for both adults and kid: Martial Arts, Cardio Boxing, Stretch & Sweat Need a civil lawyer
yono Track and field, swimming, gym fitness, fishing. Drawing.

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