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I can't believe I used to pay $30 a month for a similar service elsewhere.
We actually enjoyed each others company so much that we ended up dating. :)

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dbrh Organizational skills, customer service, geriatric cat care, elder care, typing, gardening, general handywoman . carpenter to build steps/deck(?) for mobile home (Just don't have the umoh anymore to do it myself again)
logdog Scandinavian full-scribe-to-fit log construction (chinked and chinkless), Appalacian Hewn Log w/half-dovetail, Round-log Post and Beam and French Canadian Piece'en Piece(Post & Sill) Log Constrution. Will barter training services and custom log building services. From Log Sauna's, Cabins, outdoor post & beam shelters, and log homes or specialty commercial architectural components - let's deal! 30 Years experience. Timber Rights to tracts of Eastern White Pine and Red Pine. Land. Vehicles, machinery, shop & wood working equipment,building materials, guns, fishing equipment, snow mobiles,construction equipment, well-drilling services, marketing services, logging equipment, logging services. All items of value as well as combinations of both money items and services. Barter for your tuition to attend our 2,4 and the full 12 week hands-on log building workshops -or to have us build for you!
logdog Teaching traditional skills in building with logs in four old-world styles. 25 years teaching 2,4,and 12 week log building workshops in Scandinavian full-scribe-to-fit, Appalacian Hewn Dovetail and Round-log Post & Beam. Barter for Training services or custom log construction services. There is much I can do for you - what do you have in mind? Some ideas would be Standing Timber Rights for Eastern White Pine, Logging services, Excavation services and more.
freetobeshari My main trade is as a painter. I have 10 years experience. I can also do some dry wall finishing. I grew up in the trades and have a good over all knowledge of construction. I have an AS Degree as a Legal Assistant with high honors. Bottom line, I have done everything from short order cook to office manager. I learn quickly and am very patient. My customer service skills are excellent. I am hoping to trade my skills as either a painter/handy person or administrative duties for lodging. The ideal situation would be one that would allow me to assist a homeowner or small contractor and live onsite during construction. I'm not sure if this type of thing is possible. But, I feel it would be beneficial to have a full time person to arrange deliveries, for security, etc.
frugallady007 Painting/Wallpaper/Cleaning House/Admin.Secretarial/Customer Service/Babysitter for children and elderly. Have had CNA License but hv to go bk and get recertified. Plumbing,Sheet rocking,Lawn Maitenence,Pressure Washing,Utility Building Roof redone.
marlon.daba Customer service skills Communication skills Writing skills
tasc64 genealogy research; Listing items for auction; virtual customer service; data entry; tutoring the following subjects; All subjects for middle and high school; ESL, business management, English Literature, Editing, Business and Strategic plan writing, market research, and others just ask. website design, patent search, legal assistance, computer engineer and programmer, grant writer.
kb Consulting Business development Customer service and sales Training Sales analysis and growth projections Coaching Spanish and Portuguese
superpowerson WRITING: Personal Cards, Extraordinary Letters, Creative Writing, Editing, Dating Profiles, Poetry, Songwriting, English/Spanish Translation, Ebay Listing Service CULINARY SERVICES: Craft Services, Custom Cakes & Baked Goods, Personal Chef, Cooking Lessons Forensics, DNA Testing, Legal, IRS, Criminal Investigation, Computer, Landscaping, General Contractor, Financial Planning, Appliance Repair
tammy visual, design, user, experience, design, interface, design service design, customer experience design, usability testing, design research software, developer, architect, sales, marketing

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