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We actually enjoyed each others company so much that we ended up dating. :)
I found a Spanish conversational partner.

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User Name Areas of expertise Areas of interest
bodhigirl 1. Dog Obedience Training 2. Personal Safety/Home Security Tips 3. Positive communication/conflict resolution. 4. Letter Writing. 5. Acting Tips 6. Job Search Techniques. Help using PC Computer
skillscot Writing (fiction, personal communications, copywriting, poetry, satire, criticism, term papers and more), Art (cartoons, illustrations, kids birthday cards, greeting cards, paintings and portraits). Web design (html, css, etc.)
bcorrieri Culinary (attended Johnson & Wales-Providence, stage in Brussels), restaurant management (MAFIAoZA'S), Basic woodworking, Wordpress, woodturning, butchery, food preservation, communications advising, political advising (, basic nerdery, Hunting, intermediate and advanced woodworking, outdoor firepit/oven construction, metal forging, kitchen knife crafting, wood carving
marlon.daba Customer service skills Communication skills Writing skills
techedin communications technologies Voip SIP Structured Cabling Telephone Systems Fiber Optic XML Programmers App Developers Graphic Designers
professorali06 Currencies Trader Writer Great communication and speech skills Learn how to play piano and languages.
judithe Art painting and sketching. Abstract, large backgrounds, portraits. Teach art, tutor kids, psnl assistant, office help, bookkeeping, Quickbooks, Photoshop, personal communication skills Spanish and Chinese fluency, counseling, ESL, play chess, fitness training, massage, hair cut, employment, CPR certification, surfing, acting, performing, comedy
aele5 Communications professional: writing (articles, press releases, poems or stories for special occasions), editing, event organizing, project management, English lessons, writing workshops, content creator, publicizing book/event/product, CVs and cover letters; travel writing and brochures, social media, Italian/French/English conversation translation into French, publishing opportunities, wine, snow removal, home improvements (painting, carpentry), house cleaning, hotel stays, restaurants, car rental, movies
rob engineering, wireless, communications, satellite design
treypesos Communication, Strategic Planning, Business Management, Governmental Affairs, Advocacy, Community Outreach, Excel, Word, Research, Application/Certification processing, Financial Management, Operations Management, "Solution-oriented" Programming (python, javascript, gis, others)

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