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I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but ended up learning how to give a sensual massage.

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gogreengo Sustainable Business Management Database end applications for web usage Exercise coach for soccer, basketball, volleyball Organic gardening Online Marketing Native born Spanish speaker Cross country Hiking & back packing swimming Homeopathy Physical Therapist Physics Astronomy Cosmology Math Economics Prototyping Inventions blue prints . Italian conversation Cooking organic food Video Salsa dancing Grant writer Sales of sustainable services and products Environmental health care professionals Accountant
boyerfunny Math tutoring, Piano, One-on-one Basketball training, tutoring, valet Personal trainer, physical therapy, dentist, massage, acupuncture
mroe Cutting and splitting wood, many types of media in art, increase skill of young basketball players, weight lifting and training, knowledge of area running trails, hair cutting(male's hair), minor DIY, interior design, remodel of compact housing, planning events, facilitating events, and schouffering. Learn to: play instruments, sing better, build a website, act, train for jumping, rock climb, hunt, dunk a basketball, cooking, woodworking, welding, forklift driving, and training to sprint.
ecowolfy Basic DSLR photography knowledge, creative writing, basketball, bike riding, cooking, poetry, fashion advice, SF historic knowledge, parks knowledge, environmental science knowledge, beginning french, basic yoga postures Acoustic Guitar, surfing, intermediate tennis
ad How to study the bible. social work skills. match making skills. basketball skills. Christian counseling skills. 12 step recovery. Eating healthier. how to do photography. social skills. party planner. better writting and grammar skills. how to become a motivational speaker. beauty tips for dark skinned women.
aaron96 Basketball, coding, gym, philosophy coding, cooking, philosophy, entrepreneurship
averse2average Ex-professional basketball player. Calisthenics trainer. Motivator/Coach. I speak and write fluently in Spanish. Constructive Conversationalist. I can type 45 words per minute. I can build computers. I write poetry. Great public speaker. I can paint the interior of an apartment/house. Great at organizing people for physical activities. I want to learn how to repair and maintain bicycles. I want to learn how to repair and maintain my car. I want to become a better writer, specifically for writing college papers.

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