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I can't believe I used to pay $30 a month for a similar service elsewhere.
I found a Spanish conversational partner.

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kaseygin Hi! I am a Clairvoyant Reader, Hands-on-Healer, and Meditation Teacher. I have been intensely involved in this work for over seven years and it's been incredible. Students and clients love it and it's something that I love doing more on a regular basis. Clairvoyant Readers are usually $100 per hour. Hands-on-Healings are $60 per hour. Meditation classes are $100 for a four-week program. Some more information about me: I love to laugh and have fun! I like working out, being outdoors, tra If you are a massage therapist, chiropractor, fellow clairvoyant reader, that's great. If not, I could always use a tune-up or work done on my car. Or, I could use a website.
juliana graphic design (print) massage (swedish, and a bit of other stuff) Spanish (not fluent, but can have a convo.) Mandarin (just a beginner - can teach what I know, which isn't much) ASL (can teach fingerspelling and some signs) Painting / Composition in art Basics about Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbs (in my first year of school) juggling 3 balls! some good stretches lots of self-help, psychological stuff, meditation and focusing Nutrition Basic computer skills as well as design skills Excel I'd love to learn more about Emotional Freedom Technique, and ways to stay centered in the midst of strong emotions. I love kids and babies and am interested in learning how to be a nanny part-time, especially for infants. Mid-wifery intruiges me, as well as cranio-sacral therapy for babies and adults. Anyone proficient in Qigong or Yoga who'd like to trade would be wonderful. Also - I'd like to learn deep tissue / trigger point massage technique in full, I know just a bit now. Also, if any
halima9 Writing (articles, books, promotional literature, catalogs, slogans, etc.); editing; proofreading; teaching creative writing; creativity coaching; listening; note-taking; flower-essence blending; drawing/illustration (by hand); songwriting; dulcimer lessons; singing lessons; teaching singing in harmony; meditation; researching; and if you don't see it listed here, ask, I may be able to provide it. Typesetting; book cover design; help with social media; publicity (for books); promotion; sales; business counsel and wisdom; packaging; administrative help; more to come.
charlieb web programming, PHP, computer, entrepreneurship, personal finance, database, mysql, oracle, ERP, IT, job hunting, resumes, hiring, excel, powerpoint, public speaking, management, philosophy, meditation, writing, online marketing, adwords Help me start an independent business.
awakenangel Piano, Music Theory, Jazz Perfomance and Theory, Meditation, English, Chinese, Angelic Reiki. I work in a record company in global production. Reiki, Astral Projection, Crystal healing.
cowboy I have expert skills in Massage,Yoga and Meditation. Touching feeling and emotional skills need improvement.
construction meditation, health, treatment, pain, management, acupuncture construction, remodel, house
mikew Personal training, yoga, meditation How to start a business maybe, investing help
rachysetty Reiki master healer Reiki master teacher tarot card reader Angel card reader Meditation teacher Clairvoyant psychic medium Hair cutting Cleaning Eyebrow/ eye lash tinting
nid creative, writing, meditation buddhism

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