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I got advice on a car problem that saved me $400 on a quote.
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bodhigirl 1. Dog Obedience Training 2. Personal Safety/Home Security Tips 3. Positive communication/conflict resolution. 4. Letter Writing. 5. Acting Tips 6. Job Search Techniques. Help using PC Computer
lfleur04 Copywriting, editing, resume and cover letter writing, coaching: life and small business, newsletter development graphic design, web site design, photography
barbara88 Professional letter writing, business or personal, done with the greatest sensitivity and panache. Relationship advice for individuals and families Southern cooking Research in any category Business plan Web design Accounting advice Fundraising help for Historic Preservation of local school Architectural design Persons interested in working on Historic project
benita15 Resume/ Cover Letter writing Starting a new business
words4you Writing, editing and rewriting articles, website content, blog posts, social media profiles, marketing materials, video scripts, newsletters, resumes and cover letters, ad copy Also ghostwriting, proofreading etc. Personal branding, marketing consulting, personal and writing coaching Auto maintenance and body work, tax consulting, organic and health food, etc.
superscribe I am an excellent writer. I can write anything from resumes and cover letters, to promotional pieces, press releases, technical articles, academic papers. I am also an attorney, but not currently practicing. I just bought an old house and I need everything from bathroom remodeling, to fireplace rebricking, closet design, to landscaping and lots in between.
deborah.rhynes Counseling, MSW, Word Processing, Letter writing, Essay Writing, Academic Writer, Academic Editor, Resumes, Home Decor on a String, Decorating Advice. Special Education Advocate, Masters Level Social Worker, Licensed Practical Nurse, Barter, Website Development, Homesteading
aele5 Communications professional: writing (articles, press releases, poems or stories for special occasions), editing, event organizing, project management, English lessons, writing workshops, content creator, publicizing book/event/product, CVs and cover letters; travel writing and brochures, social media, Italian/French/English conversation translation into French, publishing opportunities, wine, snow removal, home improvements (painting, carpentry), house cleaning, hotel stays, restaurants, car rental, movies
careersadvisor Up to date careers guidance for adults and young people. Cv writing, cover letters. Advice for yr 9,11,12,13 students. Explanations for parents on qualifications and their values. Choices post 16/18. Shellac nails hand massage. Hair highlights / cut. Facial.
superpowerson WRITING: Personal Cards, Extraordinary Letters, Creative Writing, Editing, Dating Profiles, Poetry, Songwriting, English/Spanish Translation, Ebay Listing Service CULINARY SERVICES: Craft Services, Custom Cakes & Baked Goods, Personal Chef, Cooking Lessons Forensics, DNA Testing, Legal, IRS, Criminal Investigation, Computer, Landscaping, General Contractor, Financial Planning, Appliance Repair

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