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I got advice on a car problem that saved me $400 on a quote.
I found a Spanish conversational partner.

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insanecat I am very knowledgeable in all phases of home repair and remodeling. I also know a lot about gardening and landscaping and can answer most questions you may have. I have been doing this for my clients for a long time so why not here..
betty cooking/baking,gardening,sewing and fashion, handcrafts making.Speak Tagalog[Philippine language]. person who can help me improve my english and looking forward to learn office work like record and book keeping.I am also interested to learn and share different ideas.
gogreengo Sustainable Business Management Database end applications for web usage Exercise coach for soccer, basketball, volleyball Organic gardening Online Marketing Native born Spanish speaker Cross country Hiking & back packing swimming Homeopathy Physical Therapist Physics Astronomy Cosmology Math Economics Prototyping Inventions blue prints . Italian conversation Cooking organic food Video Salsa dancing Grant writer Sales of sustainable services and products Environmental health care professionals Accountant
azmissmu sewing just about anything (I'm great at costumes!), mending, hemming, embroidery, quilting, cat care, dog care, reptile care, crafting, proofreading, gardening, some homebrewing. Ram care, Pathfinder care, Maytag care,
cat3 hmmm....i am a beauty therapist trained in waxing,mani/pedi,facials,tinting, massage, tanning etc. a keen gardener, good cook, can courier small items on my bike, . help on budgeting would like to know how to knit want to improve swimming and cant do front crawl would like nutrition advice
analitika photovoltic technology and technology in general, enjoy reading, craft skilled, creative problem solving, cooking, earth sciences, fly fishing, tennis, biking, gardening, walking, history, architechture, psychology, advocacy, yard saleing.. Computer tech, programing, money making, fun having, romance building
jmmy1948 Landscaper,,Gardener for over 30yrs, Very responsable high end work , I have worked on Private estate,s Stanford Univ. 10yrs,, some of my skills , Design, Sprinklers, Rock, Paths, Bricks, Fences,Fountains,:) Mantantance, Prueing, All of your Garden Needs with Hard Work and a Smile.All to the Customers Specifications Thank You Very Much Jim :) .
mross I'm an artist by profession (, but I have more to offer than bartering for artwork: I teach classic painting and sculpture, including mold-making and casting. I work in construction and can build/fix/remodel pretty much anything in your house or garden; native Norwegian speaker and can tutor Norwegian and Swedish; I'm a good editor in English, especially for essays, application letters, etc; I'm a decent graphic designer for smaller-scale projects.. French tutor (esp. west African accent). Finnish tutor. Spanish tutor. Someone to help me understand the technical part of computers (macs) -- how to make them run faster, etc. Someone to explain economics and the stock market. Record-keeping / accounting skills. I'll also trade for massage, private yoga lesson, doctor and dentist visit.
dbrh Organizational skills, customer service, geriatric cat care, elder care, typing, gardening, general handywoman . carpenter to build steps/deck(?) for mobile home (Just don't have the umoh anymore to do it myself again)
barb Voice Talent. Copy writing. Cut straight hair in a straight line. Gardening (sometimes have extra plants and/or produce. I'm one of the volunteer hostesses for clothing swaps at organic cotton and/or bamboo fiber clothing in women's or petite size 5-7.

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